Smart Barrows Ltd was first founded by Gene Gibson, a 25 year old carpenter from Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 




Gene was working out on a building site on Waiheke Island on a cold winters morning, the concrete truck had just arrived and they started pouring a fireplace. After a few loads of concrete, Gene started to feel the wheelbarrow loosing control and running away from him, so he tried to control it down the hill and ended up falling over, loosing the load of concrete and injurying himself. Soon after, Genes work mate did the same thing. 

After doing subtantial market research, he came to find that there isnt any reasonably priced wheelbarrows with brakes on the market. You have standard wheelbarrows that we have been using for almost 2000 years, then you have the over-engineered and over priced wheelbarrow. He saw a gap in the market for the Smart Barrow. Thats where the idea first came about, followed by I.P protection and then scoping out a good team to get started on the project. 


After doing almost two years of R&D and trying to seek a reputable manufacturer in China, he finally came accross a brilliant representative company and manufacturer - between the three companies and with Gene's high 'Trade' expectations, they have developed the Smart Barrow, New Zealand's first reasonably priced, top quality wheelbarrow with a braking system, designed to control the load you are travelling with, whether it be at home in the garden or on a building site, this product is made to suit all personas. 









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